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Ready to shine on the dance floor, check the event page for all the competitions we are attending this year or contact us I you need us somewhere else.


Hosting a special week end, an anniversary or a big birthday ? We can assist you for your needs and the ones of your guests.


Because we know with experience how lights and cameras reflect a person's beauty, you can trust us to make you shine like a star !

Fashion SHOW

We are specialized in working fast and impeccable with heavy turnover for staged contexts. 


Is it the day ? Let us accompany you during the time you need with a full dedicated service...All for you. 

Sport EVENt

In need of  MakeUp or Hair style for a sport competition or game, we can guarantee you a perfect result with the right products and the competent team.


about US.

When I was 20, I was doing Hair and Makeup in NYC. I used to love it. To witness people coming with trust and leaving with sparkles in their eyes was like a drug.
Then teaching dancing and choreographing  took more space in my life until 2016 when my husband and I have decided to create "team SNOW H&Mu" and dedicate time and effort to built a professional team of artists willing to do their best. Today, we are happy to be here and ready for anything.
Because taking care of our clients with excellence is what we strive for. If you need our help for a wedding, a gala, a show or a sport event, do not hesitate to reach out :
Snow Urbin,
Professional dancer,
Choreographer, Founder and CEO.  


Tel: + 19143250088

Success! Message received. We will answer you very soon. Thank you. Have a great day !

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